terms and conditions


  • This is the agreement that sets the rules, guidelines and provides detailed explanations that users must agree to and follow in order to use and access our website’s necessary sections and services.
  • To inform users of the guidelines of using our website, what happens if users are abusing our policies.

  • Domain Name Registration
  • Dispar Designs does not represent or warranty the availability of any domain name to the client. The client agrees that they will have no rights or cause of action against Dispar Designs if a domain name cannot be registered.
  • The registration and use of any domain name by client is, at all times, subject to the terms and conditions of usage applied by the Registry and the Dispar Designs’ general Terms and Conditions. It is the sole obligation of the clients to ensure compliance with all such terms and conditions.
  • The client is solely responsible for renewing the domain name through us.
  • The client will not hold Dispar Designs liable for any downtime, loss or damage suffered as a result of non-renewal or expiry of a domain name by the client.

  • Hosting
  • Clients can upgrade their hosting plans if they wish to, but extra charges may apply and there will be an increase on the annual renewal fees

  • Content Writing
  • All videos,pictures and text used as content on the website must be provided by the client (unless the client has hired Dispar Designs for content writing).

  • Acceptance of Payment

    Payments shall be done in cash or online transfer only. For online transfer, payment should only be channeled to Dispar Technologies Maybank account at :

    Account Name : Dispar Technologies
    Account Number : 5123 4372 9693 (MAYBANK)

    Once transactions are complete, clients are required to send the payment proof immediately to Dispar Technologies through email or Whatsapp to +6011-61251590

    Project payment terms
  • For website packages which cost RM499 and lesser, full payment must be made to indicate the confirmation of order as the project will only commence once the payment proof is received by Dispar Technologies.
  • For the premium website packages over RM500, 60% of the payment should be made when project agreement is signed and the remaining 40% payment can be made upon project completion within 7 working days.
  • If the balance on a completed project has not been paid within 7 days of project completion, Dispar Designs reserves the right to interest at 2% of daily basis compound commence in favour of Dispar Designs on all outstanding payments. If there are no responses regarding payment from the client for 25 days after completion of the project, Dispar Designs reserves the right to remove or terminate the launched website until the outstanding fee together with all interest had been paid by the client.
  • Once the website has been designed and completed the balance payment is then due in accordance with our payment terms. There are no exceptions to this. If the client no longer wants the site, as they have commissioned the work and paid a deposit they are still obliged to pay for the work that has been done. Non payment will result in legal action being taken if necessary. Once full payment is received for a website, it is assumed that the project has been completed to the clients satisfaction and no refunds can be offered.

  • Project Initiation
  • The initiation of a web design or development project requires a signed or electronically submitted document and partial payment set (refer to project payment terms) or payment in full if the entire project is RM500 or lesser.
  • The client may cancel an order with proper reasons within 3 days from the date of order placed with a signed written notice

  • Dispar Designs offer you the opportunity to make revisions to the design. However, we have set a specific limit of 3 design adjustments and may charge for additional designs if you make a change to the original design specification.
  • Any major changes from the original design specification will be charged at the rate of RM100.00 per hour.

  • Search engine guarantee
  • Everyone would want their website to rank high in search engine results for selected keywords, yet search engine results are determined by constantly changing factors, third party search engines, and the amount/quality of competition on the world wide web. Dispar Designs guarantees certain basic search-engine friendly techniques will be used in the creation of each website with conditions applied respectively to the website packages offered by Dispar Designs. Additional search engine optimization (SEO) services are available for additional fees. Dispar Designs cannot be held responsible for the search engine results.

  • Cancellations
  • Upon receiving the cancellation notice or otherwise upon the expiry or termination of service ,Dispar Designs is entitled to delete and not retain any records, data or other content of the clients.
  • The client may cancel an order with proper reasons within 3 days from the date of order placed with a signed written notice to Dispar Technologies.
  • Upon receipt of such notice Dispar Designs shall refund all payment paid by the client in full within 14 days from the notice received date.
  • All domain name registration and domain name renewals supplied by Dispar Designs to the clients after 5 days from the date of order shall not be subject to the 3-day cancellation period.

  • Changes to terms of service
  • Dispar Technologies reserves the right to change these terms of service at any time for any reason without prior notice.